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About us

ByteCable is a leading manufacturer and supplier of USB cables in China. Our factory is located in Shenzhen, we are committed to providing customers with the best USB cables assemblies, including USB c cables, lightning cables, data cables, charging cable, USB adapters and USB hub etc. All USB cables are strictly made based on the request of USB-IF and MFI and we have been supplying millions of pieces of USB cables and wire to our partners and customers all the world.

At ByteCable shop, you can wholesale USB cables in bulk at cheap price. As a professional and high-tech modern factory, we can also provide you with the best custom USB cables services. No matter what type of USB cables you want, just tell us idea, we will provide you with the best solution. More about us.

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High Quality Durable USB Cable

ByteCable’s cable is made of environmentally friendly materials, with good elasticity, strong oxidation resistance and not easy to break. Some braided USB cables adopt high-quality Kevlar, which has stronger tensile performance.

ByteCable uses high-quality copper core to manufacture USB cables; it is covered by aluminum foil and metal braided mesh, which is anti-electromagnetic interference, low transmission signal loss, and fast charging speed.

Connector adopts an integrated pressing process, the metal plug is clean and bright, exquisite workmanship, and durable. New design at the port, able to withstand tens of thousands of plugs and unplugs.

Partner's reviews

The cheapest price and the best quality! I own an electronics store and I often buy USB cables in bulk from Bytecable. These work great! Highly recommended ByteCable for quick, hassle-free transferring apps and data!

Gabriel / Electronic Device Retailer

I acquired Bytecable info from my friend in 2017 and we have established cooperation from 2018. They are really a professional USB data cable manufacturer and supplier with various specifications and types of products, I can always wholesale products I need here.

Evelyn / Wholesaler

ByteCable’s USB cable can ensure that any USB devices requiring an extension can receive and transmit data from USB port. Perfect for camping, office, automotive or any application where a USB connection requires a well made, high-quality USB cable.

Jamie / Technology Enthusiast


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