Why is Apple Lightning Cables So Expensive?

There is no denial to the fact Apple Lightning cables are highly expensive, and there is no alternative to it. It is a common conception that circles the mind of common users that the high price of Lightning cable comes due to its high quality and numerous. Although it is true to many extents, there are many other things that also serve as detrimental factors which make cable expensive.

So we are going to take a detailed look at why is the Apple Lightning cable so expensive. Not only we are going to take a look at the main reasons that make Lightning cable expensive in the market but also some other facts.

So without further ado, let’s start with the main reasons that make Apple Lightning cable so expensive in the market;

Reasons That Make Apple Lightning Cable Expensive

If you decide to buy an MFI-certified Apple Lightning cable from any of the manufacturers, whether it is Amazon, Anker, or any other brand, you will have to spend at least $10. The price goes up depending on the quality, length, and various factors.

So you just what are the reasons that make Apple Lightning cable so expensive in the market? Well, let’s take a look at them;

  • Use of High-Quality Materials- Well, Apple Lightning cables are made up of high-quality materials, which is one of the main reasons that makes them so expensive as other data cables.

    All MFI-certified Lightning cables get a structural construction with inner braided aluminum foil, which makes them highly durable and better in performance. In general, a 2m cables utilizes a 22*28 wire gauge, while a 1m cables come with a 24*28 wire gauge.

  • Impressive Durability Of The Cable- MFI-certified Apple Lightning cables are extremely durable, and it is mainly due to the encapsulation of the outer area. The outer area is properly shielded so that it won’t get damaged by any means, including laser welding or liquid ingress.
    It is not only about the use of durable materials and outer casing but also the durability testing that is done.
    All the Lightning cables during the manufacturing process undergo durability tests at least four times so that the end-consumer doesn’t get a poor product. Even though it lessens the defective rate, it eventually increases the production cost.
  • Licensing Cost To Apple- Another reason that adds to the cost of Lightning cable is the licensing fee that every manufacturer has to pay. The Lightning connector is a proprietary technology of Apple, and every third-party manufacturer making Lightning cable with this connector has to pay an additional fee.
    This additional fee is then added to the final pricing along with general markup and production costs. Similar things happen to adapters because Apple devices only work with Lightning connectors.
  • Use of Original IC From Apple’s Authorized Distributor- All the third-party manufacturers who make Apple Lightning cable have to buy IC from Apple’s authorized distributors only.
    The pricing of the IC given by the distributors is set by Apple, and the pricing is not negotiable even if you make a bulk order. The pricing of the IC is generally high, and this expensive IC really adds up to the cable’s production cost.

    Moreover, all Apple’s distributors are located in China, and the manufacturer has to import those ICs to their manufacturing plant by paying an added tax of 13% and a shipping charge. However, the delivery of these ICs takes up to 13 weeks, which creates a discrepancy in the manufacturing.

  • Other Miscellaneous Costs- Besides the above factors, there are many other factors that increase the final cost of the Apple Lightning cable. Besides the manufacturing, licensing fee, and import cost, a manufacturer also has to add the processing cost and shipping costs.
    It also has to include all the miscellaneous costs that are incurred during the product, and lastly, they have to make a profit from the production. The logistic process cost is also included in the pricing, and it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

So you can understand there are a lot of factors that amalgamate to hike up the price of Apple’s Lightning cable.

But now the question arises;

Is the Expensive Price of Apple Lightning Cable Justified?

Well, to some extent, the high cost of Apple Lightning cable is justified because the manufacturers utilize premium materials and coating for construction. Importantly, each Lightning cable goes through a lot of durability tests so that there is a minimal amount of defective items on the seller’s end.

Bytecable wholesales high-quality Lightning cables. Luke, head of Bytecable, said: Braided kevlar Lightning cables are more durable, So in many ways, our MFi-certified cables are more flexible and durable the Lightning cables that ship with iPhone.

Each cable has special braiding, which makes them highly resistant to electrical mishaps, thus ensuring they are completely safe for usage. By adding all the factors, we can say that the high price of Apple Lightning cable is justified.

But there are some spaces where Apple can help the manufacturers to reduce the cost of cables by lowering their licensing fee. Moreover, the tech giant can also make an effort to lower the price of IC as the price is decided by themselves only.

The number of IC suppliers is limited to two, so third-party manufacturers have to be solely dependent on them, and they also have to export them from mainland China. There are many other areas that Apple should work to reduce the cost of the cables as the USB-C connector is slowly becoming a standard in the market.

Bottom Line

If you are using Apple devices or have an Apple ecosystem, then the Lightning cable would serve as the major connector option for you. Although they come with an expensive price tag, these cables have a lot to offer. Not only are these cables highly durable, but most of them come with a long length.

The connector of these cables has less wear and tear even if you use them for a long time. In general, an Apple Lightning cable costs around $10 but the price increases according to the brand and the cable’s construction.

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