What is Apple MFI Certified?

The Lightning connector that iPhones, iPods and iPads have been using since 2012 is a proprietary connector created by Apple. Inside each lightning connector is a tiny authentication chip that tells your device it’s Apple MFI Certified.

If you are looking for an charging alternative cable, then plenty of companies produce such cables. However, not all Lightning cables are created equal. If you’re buying a Lightning cable for your iPhone, iPod or iPad, make sure it is MFi-certified.

MFi Certification

MFi certification referring to Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad. It’s a program that producers of accessories for those devices must go through to have their hardware approved by Apple. It’s a stringent process, but when a product is MFi-certified, you can be sure it’s safe to use.

The MFi program covers various device connectors including the headphone, dock and the newer Lightning connector, as well as AirPlay support. Companies joining the MFi program and passing certification tests are able to display certain MFi-related logos on their product packaging, like the “Made for iPod” badge. Now the certification MFi has become the byword of quality and a symbol of technological strength.

Cheap No-MFi Certification Products

MFi is a guarantee of workability. Certified items work with Apple devices flawlessly, even after the iOS update. For uncertified accessory, you have little idea whether it will work or not, until you unpack it and plug into the Apple device. Apple devices will identify whether a component is MFi certified or not when the component is plugged in. If not, there will be popup like “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone.” Then the component will stop working, or it works but in an intermittent way and may crash after a short period of time.

If you’re not sure whether or not your cable has an MFi-Certification, you can also check the finish on the connecter. MFi-Certified lightning cables have grey or metallic connectors, while counterfeits are normally darker or more inconsistent. More: Apple’s Identify counterfeit or uncertified Lightning connector accessories

Wholesale No-MFI certified products?

The fact is that many USB Cable manufacturers have made a uncertified Lightning cable that’s just as good as a certified cable. There is a cost associated with the testing processes and apple chip, and manufacturers have to pay a royalty to Apple to advertise their products as MFI certified.

The problem is that it’s extremely difficult, or even impossible, to pick a good Lightning cable out from a pile of bad Lightning cables without the MFI certification. A cable may look great on the outside, but be poorly built.

ByteCable always provide you with high-quality lightning cables.

Wholesale Apple MFi Certified Products

To make sure that you don’t order counterfeit products, the easiest place to get Apple MFi-Certified accessories is the Apple Store. If you think Apple Store’s products very expensive, our next recommendation is ByteCable MFI Lightning cables, and ByteCable is a MFI cable manufacturer.

As you can see, there’s 2 MFi-certified Lightning cables out there to choose from.

Apple MFI C89/C48 Lightning to USB A Cable 100cm

Apple MFI C89/C48 Lightning to USB A Cable 100cm

MFi Certified PD C94 USB-C to Lightning Cable 100cm

MFi Certified PD C94 USB-C to Lightning Cable 100cm

MFI Certification Process – ByteCable

Certification Preparation

In 2015, with the production of our new line of lightning cables, ByteCable set out to become a certified Apple MFI Developer. The process is complex and long, but we knew it would allow us to produce high-quality, MFI-certified lightning cables. Before we could go into production, we submitted our product plan, designs and packaging to Apple for approval. Once they approved everything we were ready to begin production.

Testing & Approval

As part of the approval process, manufacturer must submit samples of your cables to Apple’s independent testing facility to undergo rigorous mechanical, stress, and electrical tests. Beyond this, every single cable we make is tested twice during production with advanced electrical testing equipment to ensure that there are no defects and that every cable is up to the ByteCable and Apple MFI quality standards. Apple also routinely audits MFI Manufacturing facilities.

The Final Product

This may seem like a lot of work just to put a small, white “Made for (Apple product)” logo on your packaging. But it’s absolutely worth it. That MFI badge symbolizes almost three years of hard work going back and forth between Apple, Apple’s suppliers, and our own factory to get our product just the way we imagined it. We take a great deal of pride in providing the best lightning cables in the world and we want our customers to be extremely happy with their purchase.

Now you know how to find the right accessories that are good for phone and won’t cause damage. We hope this article was helpful to your wholesale lightning cables. Feel free to leave comments with any questions or suggestions you have below.

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