The Best USB Hub Wholesale From Manufacturer 2022

With the thinner and lighter design of Mac and PC, the number of ports on a desktop or laptop has gone down in recent years.

If you want to plug in anything with a connection other than a USB-C cable, the most efficient option is a USB-C hub, which provides multiple types of ports in a relatively compact package. A USB hub is like an extension lead for USB devices. It plugs into your computer and lets you connect more devices than your existing USB ports allow.

A multiport USB adapter has way more to offer than an extra USB port — it can turn a single USB-C connection on your laptop or desktop into the hook up for a monitor, keyboard, mouse and Ethernet. It can also let you read and write to memory cards or other external drives.

Below you’ll find the best USB hubs with the most wholesale in 2022.

4-Port USB A 3.0 Data Hub

4-Port USB A 3.0 Data Hub

This hub is perfect for use with a connection dongle for your keyboard, mouse and connecting external storage like a thumb drive. This hub turns a single USB-A connection into four USB-A ports, each one with USB 3.0 speeds (up to 5Gbps). Connect the 2 foot USB cable to your Windows, Mac or Linux computer and start connecting the rest of your accessories.

5 in 1 USB Type C Hub Metal Adapter

5 in 1 USB Type C Hub Metal Adapter

Laptops with USB-C ports are now almost ubiquitous, as the world moves away from slower USB-A ports to this faster, more versatile connection standard. Some laptops only have USB-C connections—which means a USB-C hub is essential if you want to connect a wired USB-A mouse or keyboard, or an older wired printer. Of course, it’s also a handy way to add an HDMI connection, an SD card reader, or simply more USB ports for storage.

Premium 5 in 1 USB C Hub Wholesale

Premium 5 in 1 USB C Hub Wholesale

This USB Type-C hub is perfect for a small home office setup and travel. On one side you have two USB 2.0 ports and a USB 3.0 port with transfer speeds up to 5Gbps. There’s also a 100-watt USB-C Power Delivery charging port letting you charge your MacBook Air or other laptops. On the other side is an HDMI output that supports supports 3840 x 2160@30Hz or 4096×2160@24Hz.

USB Hub Wholesaler and Manufacturer

Wholesale a USB Hub can be a complicated matter. For starters, you need to figure out how many extra ports you need. Then figure out what you’re going to connect to your computer, and finally you have to find a trusted supplier. At Bytecable we always provide you with the best USB hub in bulk.

Quick Data Transfer and Multi-Functional

The reading and writing speed are commendable for our USB hub, making it a popular choice. Transferring data, formatting, and moving back the data is seamless with this device. The multi-functional ports allow you to simultaneously connect a keyboard, mouse, ethernet, and external monitor without any power supply fluctuation.

Fast Charging and Connectivity

The most important aspect of a USB hub is its charging and connectivity features. OUR USB hub will not fail you in this scenario.

Additional Gigabit Ethernet Port

The gigabit ethernet port is a special and unique feature of our USB hub. Along with this, the VGA connectors make it a versatile choice for all. Even if your device is slightly old, you can still get the maximum utility from this USB hub.

Minimal Heating Troubles

When multiple devices are connected to the USB hub, heating up is a major problem. However, with ByteCable USB C/A hub, the problem is negligible. Even when used to its full capacity, the device does not heat up.


USB hub to be compatible with most devices. You can easily use them if you have a PC, Linux, or Mac system. Starting the hub is not hard since you can just plug it on and switch it on.

Aesthetically Appealing and Functional

The USB Hub is sturdy yet sleek in design. It has a compact body that is suitable for travel-purpose too. However, its functionality is more appealing to the users. Users can enjoy high-resolution videos of 4K at 30HZ and 1080p at 60 HZ. With the HDMI port, you can screen mirror the device on an HDTV.

Travel-Friendly Design

Users who are traveling and need a USB hub that can be carried around in the pocket specifically find this one interesting. ByteCable USB hub has an ergonomic design and is perfect for those quick business trips. Gamers looking for some extra fun on the go can get the maximum utility out of it.

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