USB Car Charger Manufacturer

USB car charger is a portable charging device used on a car’s cigarette lighter port. A good USB car charger can charge your cell phone or other devices faster than a car port. ByteCable is a manufacturer of high-quality car chargers, we supply a wide range of USB car chargers. These car chargers are made of flame-retardant plastic or metal shells with built-in safe and stable charging components. After 100% safety testing before leaving our factory, you can Wholesale them at affordable prices.

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Professional USB Car Charger Supplier

Our factory has 3 production lines and 6 professional technicians for car chargers, which can not only meet wholesale orders, but also customize car chargers for you. Our car charger products are divided into wired car chargers and wireless car chargers. We have wired and wireless USB car chargers for sale in bulk.

USB Car Charger Wholesale

USB Car Charger

Car chargers can provide power to electronic devices such as mobile phones, GPS, laptops, etc. in the car. You should always wholesale high-quality car chargers, poor quality car chargers may damage your mobile phone or even car’s battery. Bytecable will be your best car charger supplier, our 2 port PD car charger is the best selling, it can power your mobile phone and also charge kid’s iPad on long trips.

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Wireless Car Charger

Wireless car charger is a more convenient alternative, but they charge slower than wired ones. Relying on magnetic and Qi charging technology, wireless car charger can give you safer charging options. As a wireless car charger manufacturer, in our factory, we have 3 production lines of wireless car chargers, we only supply high quality car chargers, suitable for Apple, Samsung and other smartphones with fast charging function.


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