Apple iPhone Lightning Cable

A Lightning cable is essential for any iPhone owner. If you’re looking to wholesale the best iPhone Lightning cables in 2024, you can skip the poor performing suppliers at Ailibaba or Amazon and cooperate with ByteCable. We wholesale USB A to Lightning cables, USB C to Lightning cables and iPhone charger accessories that can fast charge and transfer data for Apple products like iPhone, AirPods or iPad.

You can buy affordable or MFI-Certified iPhone charging cable in bulk. Cheaper iPhone cable is an affordable alternative to MFI cables. As long as iOS is not upgraded, it can be fully compatible with mobile phones without pop-up windows. We also wholesale genuine MFI certified Lightning cables, these cables use C89 or C94 smart chip enable a swift, trouble-free connection every time. Braided kevlar Lightning cables are more durable, So in many ways, our MFi-certified cables are more flexible and durable the Lightning cables that ship with iPhone.

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Wholesale Apple Lightning Cables From MFI Manufacturer & Factory

We are a professional Lightning cable manufacturer, all cables are manufactured in our own factory, we can offer more competitive wholesale prices. We are also MFI certified manufacturer, and our licensed MFi products meet all of the standards for performance and safety that Apple exemplifies. These cables can charge and transfer data for all Apple devices with lightning port.

For Apple Lightning cables, we have a complete testing process to ensure the highest quality, especially the lightning connectors have to undergo 10,000 plug-in tests to make it more durable. The MOQ is 100-Pack, we offer bulk discounts and retail packaging for more orders. All products support OEM service, you can contact us for more Lightning connection solutions.

MFI, referring to “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad”, means it’s fully compatible with Apple devices. With MFI certified cable, it’s totally safe to charge iPhone and transfer photos, music, or movies.

MFI Certified Lightning cables are the perfect cord for someone who thinks, “I want the same cable that came with my iPhone, but cheaper.”

ByteCable stocks MFI Lightning cables in a bunch of different types, these cables use C89 or C94 smart chip to recognize Apple devices and enable a swift, trouble-free connection every time. Braided kevlar Lightning cables are more durable, So in many ways, our MFi-certified cables are better than the Lightning cables that ship with Apple products.

For retailers who wholesale MFI lightning cables, we can also provide PPID (Product Part Identification) certification to facilitate product tracking. The general form of use is to paste a one-dimensional code or two-dimensional code on the retail package.

NOTE: C89 smart chip for USB A to Lightning cable; C94 smart chip for USB C to Lightning cable.

But if you’re just looking for the most direct replacement for the genuine Apple Lightning cable, wholesale the white 100cm cable model: USB A Lightning or USB C Lightning.

The biggest manufacturing cost of the Lightning cable is its chip. What chip is used determines the price of the Lightning cable.

There are roughly 3 types of chips on the market today:

  1. MFI chip and Apple original chip: Top quality chip, can provide the most stable and safe charging.
  2. Genuine Chips alternatives: such as Byte 6-core chips, which are the best alternatives for original chips, affordable and fully compatible with iOS. Some braided Lightning cables are more durable.
  3. Only PCB board: This product can only be used within 3 months, and the price is cheap. We do not recommend that you buy this kind of cable, it may damage your device battery.
Model MFI Byte-Chip Non-MFI 
Smart Chip Apple Certified Byte 6 Chips No-chip
Charging Support Support Support
Datasync Support Support No
Stability High Quality High Quality General
Price Expensive Affordable Cheap
Warranty Lifetime 12 Months No
Compatible All iOS Version All iOS Version NOT

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