Micro USB Cable

Many mobile devices and Android phones still rely on Micro cables for charging and data transmission, despite the rise in popularity of faster USB C and Lightning cables. Compared with other USB cables, Micro USB cable is cheap. Most of Micro USB cables can charge and transfer data, and some cables can only charge devices.

We wholesale a wide range of Micro USB cables: 5 Pin Micro USB cable, Micro USB 3.0 cable, OTG Micro cable and V8 USB cable. These cables are well built, easy to use, and durable, capable of supplying 1A - 2.4A current and USB 2.0 / 3.0 data transfer rate. As a professional Micro USB cable manufacturer, we also support customized Micro USB cables. We supply wholesale 100-Packed Micro USB cables, which you can buy in bulk in our stock.

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Buy Cheap Micro USB Cable in Bulk

We wholesale Micro USB charging and data cables at cheap prices with a MOQ of 100-Pack. Compared with USB C and Lightning cables, Micro USB cables are simple to manufacture, coupled with the large-scale production of our factory, we have the ability to provide you with the most durable Micro USB cables at the lowest price in the industry.

Durable and High Quality

From Micro USB connectors, copper wires to jacket, we always choose high quality USB components. Every Micro cable is rigorously tested before it leaves the factory, ensuring you receive a high-quality product.

Wide Variety of Specifications In Stock

We stock a wide variety of Micro USB cables for you to wholesale online, and these products can meet the needs of fast turnaround. Many cell phone accessories retailers often buy Micro USB cables and packaging in bulk from our online store. We also provide Logo laser printing services for many companies that are used as charging accessories for electronic devices.

Customizable Micro USB Cable

As a professional Micro USB cable manufacturer, we support customized Micro cables. Because most of Micro USB cable can only support 2.4A current and USB 2.0 (480Mbps) data transmission rate, many customers only customize jacket type (such as TPE and braided) and connector shape. For full-featured customization of Micro USB cables, you can contact us for more connection solutions.