USB Type-C Cable

USB C connector is oval in shape, which makes it fully reversible, so no matter what side you grab to plug, it’s all the same. USB Type-C is becoming an emerging standard for charging and transferring data, it is found on all manner of devices, from smart home devices to laptops and mobile phones. The European Union will require devices to use USB C cable for battery charging starting in 2024, Type C cable is becoming one of best sellers.

We wholesale durable USB C cables (100-Packed), all USB C cables are well made, the port adopts Integral Seamless stretch process, and the cables are certified by UL, which can guarantee the best quality. We have a wide range of USB C cable for sale in bulk, they are capable of providing up to 100W charging power and a maximum data transfer rate of 40Gbps. The most wholesale is USB C PD fast charging cable series, which are widely used in iPhone and Samsung Galaxy mobile phones, If you want to wholesale USB C cables, here is the best USB C cable you can buy!

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