USB Type-C Cable

USB C connector is oval in shape, which makes it fully reversible, so no matter what side you grab to plug, it’s all the same. USB Type-C is becoming an emerging standard for charging and transferring data, it is found on all manner of devices, from smart home devices to laptops and mobile phones. The European Union will require devices to use USB C cable for battery charging starting in 2024, The iPhone 15 series released in 2023 also begins to use the USB C interface. USB Type C cable is becoming one of best sellers.

We wholesale durable USB C charging and data cables (100-Packed), all USB C cables are well made, the port adopts Integral Seamless stretch process, and the cables are certified by UL, which can guarantee the best quality. We have a wide range of USB C cable for sale in bulk, they are capable of providing up to 5A charging current and a maximum data transfer rate of 40Gbps. The most wholesale is USB C PD fast charging cable series, which are widely used in electronics and medical devices, If you want to wholesale USB C cables, here is the best USB C cable you can buy!

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Wholesale USB Type C Cables in Bulk at Cheap Price From Manufacturer

ByteCable is a professional manufacturer of USB C cable, we wholesale durable USB C cable at cheap prices. Here you can find various types of USB C cable and adapters, in addition to the common USB C charging cables for mobile devices such as cell phones, we also sell advanced Thunderbolt cables. As more and more devices start to have built-in USB C ports, many of our products have a USB C port on one end that you can use to charge or transfer data. All USB C cables support customization, please feel free to contact us for professional USB C connection solutions.

A USB C cable refers to a USB cable with a USB C connector at one end, and a USB A, USB C, Lightning, HDMI etc. at the other end.

USB C is the latest version of the connector developed by USB-IF, it has a completely symmetrical oval shape and a compact structure, and supports a variety of data transmission and charging protocols.

Because of its powerful functions and the support by many well-known electronic manufacturers in the world, USB C has gradually become the standard of USB interface.

No, not all usb c cables are equal. Even two USB C to C cable that look exactly the same are not necessarily exactly the same.

  • Data Transfer Rate

USB C is compatible with all USB data transfer protocols: USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1, USB4, Thunderbot 3, Thunderbot 4, You can only know the data transmission rate through a professional tester.

If there is no professional testing tools, you can roughly judge the transmission capability from its appearance. Generally speaking, the greater the data transmission capacity, the thicker the cable.

  • Charging Power

At present, a USB C cable supports up to 240W charging power, and you can test it with professional testing tools. Moreover, USB C cables that support more than 3A current may have built-in E-marker chips, which we cannot see from the appearance.

  • Appearance

There are various kinds of USB C cables, such as jacket is made of TPE, PVC, Nylon braided, so not all USB C cables are the same.

Even if two USB C cables look the same and have the same data transfer rate and charging power, they may not be the same, for example some USB C connectors are nickel plated, some are gold plated, and some cord have 3 layers of Shielding, and some have 2 layers.

Therefore, if you want to know whether two USB C cables are exactly the same, you need professional tools to test and teardown them.

The USB C cable can charge your device and transfer data, audio, video. Our customers who wholesale USB C cables involve various industries and uses.

USB C cables are the latest standard accessories for cell phones and laptops, and many Macbooks have begun to have built-in USB C interfaces. In addition, USB C cables are also used in smart home devices, power banks, keyboards, tablets and even cars.

If you have other questions about USB C cables, or wholesale USB C cables, please feel free to contact us.