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Most people have more than one device that charges via USB: tablets, smartphones, external battery packs, e-readers, portable speakers, Bluetooth headphones and headsets, fitness trackers—the list goes on.

And Most smartphone no longer give away power adapters. Apple has removed the charger and headphones from the box of all iPhones on sale since the launch of the iPhone 12. Samsung has removed the charger from the box starting with the Galaxy S21 series.

It might be a good time to wholesale phone chargers. ByteCable provides you with powerful and affordable chargers in bulk.

ByteCable is a professional USB charger supplier, we wholesale many types of mobile phone chargers, as a leading charger manufacturer, we also sell the latest GaN chargers.

  1. USB A Port Charger Wholesale: USB-A charging maxes out at 12 watts (5 volts, 2.4 amps).
  2. USB C Port Charger Wholesale: USB-C chargers can charger faster than USB-A models can, and more powerful USB C charger can also charge laptops or tablets.
  3. Multiport Chargers Wholesale: You can charge your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet and more here. All with one outlet. Multiport chargers are also great for travel.

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