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Wireless Charger is a cable-free way to charge your mobile devices. Wireless charging may never be as fast or efficient as USB wired charging, but it's convenient to charge iPhone/Android Phone, smartwatch and earbuds. We sell best quality wireless chargers at lowest price in bulk. With Qi standard, they are cheaper than Magsafe chargers. Supporting custom logo, wholesale wireless chargers are the best choice whether you are a mobile phone accessories dealer or as a corporate gift.

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Wholesale Wireless Charger at Cheap Prices

Welcome to bulk order wireless chargers directly from ByteCable manufacturer at cost prices. With the rapid development of charging technology, many mobile devices no longer need to be plugged into a cable for charging, and simply placing them on a charging mat. The wholesale demand for wireless chargers is growing rapidly, as a leading USB charging solution provider, we have built a special factory to manufacture wireless chargers, and have a full range of Qi certified products and the industry's Top MFM certification. After more than 4 years of development, we have established cooperation with more than 350 wholesalers, traders and retailers around the world. We have the ability to provide you with high-quality products.

According to our statistics, as of Oct 2023, 562 mobile phones series support wireless charging.

  1. Android Phones: Many of the latest Android phones support wireless charging, such as Samsung Galaxy Range, Sony Xperia, LG Optimus G Pro, Motorola Moto, Google Pixel and Nokia Lumia.
  2. iPhone: iPhone 8 and later series support wireless charging, as do many mobile devices from Apple, such as iWatch and AirPods.

Wireless chargers are more convenient, these advantages will be your best reason to wholesale wireless phone chargers.

  • Convenience: Simply place your phone or mobile device on the mat to start charging.
  • Charge anywhere: Wireless charging are already showing up at restaurants, hotels and coffee shops. It's also safer than plugging your device into an unfamiliar charging cable.
  • ONLY ONE CABLE: All you need to do is plug a single cable into the charging station - no more cables to connect multiple devices, freeing you from cluttered charging cables.

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