USB Data Cable Manufacturer

ByteCable designs, manufactures and supplies various types of USB data cables to original mobile smart devcie manufacturers and distributors. All assembly line in our factory can produce USB data cables, including USB C/Micro/Lightning and other commonly used port connector data cables.

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Professional USB Data Cable Supplier

We supply high quality USB data cables from USB 2.0 to Thunderbolt 4 specification, these data cables are made of thick copper wire with built-in shielding layer, which can provide stable data transmission to device.

USB Data Cables Wholesale

USB Data Cable

USB data cable is mainly used for the connection of computers and peripheral devices, as well as for charging and data transmission of mobile phones. In addition to transferring data, we also support charging power customization from 1A-5A. Our cables are 100% tested to guarantee the best quality.

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Data Cable Application

Android phone, iPhone, laptop, Smart Home Devices, Portable device, Automotive industry, industrial equipment, etc.


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