How Much Is An iPhone Charger?

On average, an iPhone charger costs around $15, including the cable, but the price varies from store to store. However, a wireless iPhone charge comes with a higher cost, around $35. Some stores even sell Apple’s MFI-certified charger at lower rates, so there is no definite price point.

In general, the price of an iPhone charger has changed gradually over the years, and these changes have happened with the arrival of new iPhones. The iPhone charger serves as one of the most important accessories for the iPhone as it charges not only the phone but also charges in a quick manner.

Besides charging the mobile through cable, the charger also regulates the amount of electric power going in and prevents any damage. The best thing about iPhone charge is the availability of both wired and wireless forms, and it allows users to easily charge their phones with ease.

Actual Cost of iPhone Chargers

The cost of an iPhone charger has changed gradually with time, especially with iPhone models. The actual cost of an iPhone depends upon the type of charger you are using. An original Apple iPhone charger costs around $15 with cable, while a third-party MFI-certified charger costs between $15 and $23.

In the beginning, the original iPhone charger cost around $29, and it was mostly during the period of iPhone 3G and iPhone 4. The third-party MFI-certified charger cost around $5 at that time.

However, after the arrival of the iPhone 4s, the pricing changed, and the charger was kept at a price point of $39. The price of the charger was kept the same until the new iPhone X fast charger came in. The price of third-party MFI-certified charges also didn’t change much, and it mostly varied between $7 and $16.

But with the arrival of the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, the price of chargers reduced significantly, and it cost around $15. To date, with iPhone 14 reigning the market, an original Apple charger costs around $15 with cable.

From iPhone 12 onwards, Apple also came up with a MagSafe wireless charger where the tech giant utilized magnetic technology to charge the phone.

The wireless charging technology is built into iPhone 12 and onwards, and it helps chargers to charge phones without needing cable. When the original wireless MagSafe charger came on the market, it was priced at around $35, and the pricing hasn’t changed much.

What Makes iPhone Charger Beneficial For Charging

As you already know, Apple’s charger is made specifically for the iPhone, and this allows users to charge their iPhones quickly and safely. These chargers are made up of high-quality materials, and Apple has integrated a special circuitry design to make sure the right amount of power goes into the iPhone.

The tech giant has also updated the design of the power adapter to curb down EMI interference, which helped users to freely use the screen during charging.

With fast charging adapters and integration of USB C cables, Apple has made iPhone chargers that can quickly charge your phone and help you save time. Normal Apple chargers come with 14-watt power delivery, and they can charge your phone from 0 to 60% in no time.

Fast charge adapters like the 29-watt USB-C power adapter have revolutionized the way you charge iPhone. With this iPhone charger, you can charge two to three times faster than normal power adapters.

However, with the latest MagSafe chargers, the moment has shifted because now you won’t need any cable to charge your phone. A MagSafe iPhone charger can charge the phone at 15 watts, which is much greater than an ordinary wireless charger offering 7.5 watts.

The snap-on attachment makes it quite convenient to use the charger and saves you from the hassle of carrying cables. Moreover, it is quite safe to use MagSafe chargers because they won’t overheat your iPhone.

The universal compatibility allows you to utilize other Apple devices with the wireless charger; thus, you have fewer cords to worry about. Importantly, it is quite safe to use because the charging port won’t accumulate much dust, and also, and there is less chance of corrosion.

How To Make Sure You Are Buying a Real iPhone Charger?

If you decide to buy an iPhone charger, here are certain things you should keep in mind which will help you to pick the real Apple charger. There are some sellers that often dupe buyers with fake iPhone chargers. Here are some factors you should do while buying one.

Buying From Apple or Certified Store

Buying your iPhone charger from Apple or any certified is the safest choice. You can stay assured that you will get an authentic charger and not a fake one.

Always Check MFI Badge

For all iPhone chargers, whether it is from Apple or any certified third-party manufacturer, get an MFI badge. A fake one won’t carry MFI badging on its body. However, even if the fake chargers get MFI badging, then you cross-reference them with other MFI badges to check whether it is original.

Check The Serial Number

All Apple chargers come with a 12-digit serial number along with manufacturing information. You can cross-check it from Apple’s website, and then you can find out whether it is original or fake. The manufacturing details also include the length of the cord.

Scrutinize The Lightning Cable’s End

If you are buying the Apple charger from a local electronic store, then you should scrutinize the connector cable’s end. The charging cable’s end gets a smooth finishing, but a fake one gets a rough finish, and the contacts are square-shaped.

Scrutinize The Packaging of The Charger

Another way to discover whether you are getting an original or fake iPhone charger is by scrutinizing the package. All original iPhone charge packages come with a black-and-white image of the product on the box. In contrast, most fake iPhone charger gets a box where the images of cable contacts come in a golden or metallic look.

Final Verdict

We are confident that we have correctly answered your query “how much is an iPhone charger?” and helped you with all the necessary information you need. The price of an original iPhone charger and third-party MFI-certified charger doesn’t change much as the pricing is controlled by Apple itself.

However, on various occasions, e-commerce sites like Amazon slash the price by a good margin. You should avoid buying chargers that come with a meagre price because these are poor-quality chargers that can seriously damage your iPhone.

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