How To Clean iPhone Charging Port?

Cleaning your iPhone and case won’t suffice, as you also need to clean your charging port. The dirt, lint and dust often find their way into your iPhone charging port, and if you don’t clean it on a regular intervals, then it can start piling up.

Although the debris or dust won’t show any kind of disruption at first, over time, you will start facing issues with charging. In some cases, the Lighting connector won’t work, while in some situations, the charging cable won’t fit into the charging port.

So what is the solution to the issue? Should you visit the Apple service store to solve it? Well, you just have to clean the iPhone charging ports, and that’s it. Neither you need to go to Apple’s service, nor do you need any kind of special tool to solve the issue.

The Primary Reason Behind Charging Port Issue In iPhone

The deposit of dirt, grim, lint or debris over time serves as the main culprit that causes disruption in the charging port. Our iPhone moves from place to place, and due to this movement, the charging port collects a lot of dirt, dust and lint.

None of the iPhones comes with a cover over the charging port, so dust, dirt, skin, hair, fur etc., easily get attached to the port. The deposit intensifies each time you plug the charging cable because while connecting the charging cable, the unwanted deposits get compressed inside the internal wall.

Over time when the deposit gets thickens, it starts obstructing the metal chip that serves as the primary contact between the phone and the charging cable. So due to this, you aren’t able to charge your smartphone even if you change the charging cable. Cleaning serves as the easiest and main option to solve this issue.

Things You Should Use and Avoid While Cleaning Your iPhone

When it comes to cleaning your iPhone charging port that causes disruption to charge, you don’t need any special tool or cleaning unit to do the task. The efficient and convenient tools that you can use are already available in your home, and they are cotton swabs, soft cloth towels, SIM keys or toothpicks.

Using a clean and dry tool to clean the charging port is the best way to remove unwanted particles. Not only will it save the internal parts, but it will also help you throw away all the dirt, lint and debris.

You can also use any soft and dry household tool to clean your iPhone charging port, but while cleaning, you shouldn’t put much pressure. Thin pins or sharp objects can cause damage to the iPhone’s internal circuit, especially the water-resistant assembly.

However, there are certain things you should avoid for cleaning the charging port of your iPhone because it can cause serious damage. Although we recommended using SIM keys, it would be better to avoid sharp objects like metal pins and sewing pins as they pose a threat to internal circuitry.

If somehow the sharp part of the tool breaks, then it jeopardizes the whole phone. Always avoid using wet swabs, wet wipes or any wet substance because the water and moisture can damage the electrical unit.

It might seem tempting to use web swabs as they can easily remove dust, but movement swabs can often also make dirt and lint stick to the wall. You should avoid using your breath while cleaning the port because the moisture can cause damage to electrical parts.

Many people might suggest you use compressed air or any kind of aerosol spray to clean dirt and debris on the charging port, but you shouldn’t.

Apple’s developer team suggests users not to use compressed air because the high pressurized air can cause internal damage and also the water-resistant part of the phone.

How To Clean iPhone Charging Port With Proper Care

Now, we discuss the tools you will need to clean the debris and dirt. It is time to discuss how to clean iPhone charging ports with proper care. However, before you start the process, you should keep all the things near so that it becomes easy for you to clean the ports;

Step 1: Turning Off The iPhone.

The first thing you should do before you start the cleaning process is turn off your iPhone. You should never keep your phone switched while cleaning because it poses a risk to the internal circuit.

Step 2: Check The Signs of Dirt and Dust

After switching off the iPhone, use a flashlight or something similar and check the amount of dust, dirt, lint and other unwanted elements deposited on the port.

You should properly check the very end of the port, where you will most likely see the buildup. Take a look at the walls and grooves of the port because those areas also catch a lot of dirt and lint.

Step 3: Use The Toothpick, SIM Key Or Thin Object

Now, once you have located all the unwanted things in the port, now it is time to clean them. Take a toothpick, SIM key, or any thin object to take the dirt away. You should move the sharp object in such a way that it loosens the debris and lint.

Keep a dry wipe or tissue paper handy to wipe down the sharp object at every interval. You should again use the flashlight and check how much debris and dirt is left on the port.

Step 4: Use A Cotton Swab or Cotton on a Toothpick

After loosening all the dirt and debris and also taking some of them out, you should take a cotton swab to clean the rest.

With the cotton swab, try to take out the remaining dust and dirt until you can see the golden contacts at the end. However, you should be really careful with the swabs and try to move the swab or toothpick in a gentle manner. You should continue checking with the flashlight to make sure there is nothing left on the wall or sides.

Step 5: Switch On Your iPhone

Switch on your iPhone and then hook the charging port with the charging cable. If you don’t find any difficulty in inserting the cable or your battery is charging again, then you have successfully removed all the dirt, grime and lint.

However, if you are still facing issues with the charging, then it would be best to check with the service center or any certified professional.

Taking Professional Help To Clean iPhone Charging Port

If your iPhone is still not getting charged or you aren’t able to remove all the dirt or debris, then it is a good idea to take professional help. If the deposit of dirt, grim, lint or dust has been identified, then it can be challenging to clean them off, and it would be wise to take it to a professional.

You can visit any reputed smartphone shop that specializes in taking care of iPhones, and they can properly throw out all the unwanted particles without causing any damage. If your iPhone is under warranty, then you can take it to Apple’s service center, and you can solve it without paying any fees.

Using Wireless Charging

You can utilize the wireless charging option to charge your iPhone if your phone is still not charging even after proper cleaning. It is best to contact Apple’s service and change the charging port.

But if you don’t want to do it right away, then you can utilize the wireless charging facility. However, not all iPhones come with wireless charging, and only the newer models come with special wireless capabilities. You should check this factor before buying a wireless charger.

Final Verdict

Cleaning the charging port is not a difficult affair, and if you follow the above process thoroughly, you can easily throw away all the dirt. However, you have to be careful with the cleaning process because applying too much pressure can damage the charging circuit. While cleaning the port, you should always make sure of any water or moisture elements not getting inside the port.

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