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Micro USB is a miniaturized version of the USB interface developed for connecting compact and mobile devices such as Android smartphones, Mp3 players, GPS devices, photo printers, Bluetooth Speakers/Headsets, keyboard and digital cameras.

We are leading supplier of design, manufacture and wholesale of Micro USB cables. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and durable Micro USB cables. In our USB cable factory, we have 9 production lines dedicated to manufacturing Micro usb data cables, which can meet the needs of wholesale in bulk.

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Professional Micro USB Cable Supplier

Whether you are a USB cable distributor or developing electronic hardware products, we can provide high quality Micro USB cables. Being the leader in USB Cable Manufacturing Industry in china, we have profound knowledge about the Micro USB Cable market and have an in-depth understanding of the related challenges as well as the requirements of our Electronic equipment, Industrial, Medical & Automotive applications.

Higher Quality

Ensuring the quality of USB components is our company’s first criterion.

  • 5 Pin Micro USB connector: Unique contact and lock configuration assures high durability while maintaining easy insertion and disconnection.
  • USB Wire: We always use high-quality copper wire and eco-friendly jacket material from the material selection and cable manufacturing.
  • Injection molding: Whether it is TPE or braided or other types of Micro USB cables, we strictly control the injection molding process to ensure that the cables are durable.
  • Cable Test: A variety of pre-factory tests, such as pull test, salt spray test.

Lower Cost and Faster Delivery

We continuously driven to become more efficient and reduce costs. With our scale effect and advanced Micro usb automatic production line, We promise to offer customers the most economic Micro USB cables forever. We also provide free samples for you to confirm before bulk order.

If you ordered our stock product, we will arrange shipping within 48 hours. If you customize Micro USB cables, or the wholesale order in large quantities (more than 10,000 pieces), after receiving your order, our factory will enter the production stage immediately.

We have set the raw material inventory standard for each USB type, so in general, we can complete the production in about 3 days. Usually we use cooperative DHL or Fedex for shipping.

Products and Applications

Micro USB Types: Micro USB to USB A cables, Micro USB to USB C cables, V8 usb cables, Micro USB 3.0 cables, Micro USB OTG, Micro USB adapter. Other Micro USB charger are also supported.

Micro USB Charging cable manufacturer: We can provide Micro USB cables with only charging, this type of cable has only two wires inside, which can provide 1A-2A current for the device.

Charging Data Micro USB Cables: It has the function of charging and data transmission, the charging current is 1A-2A, and the data transmission speed conforms to USB 2.0 standard (480Mbps).

Applications: Mobile phones, Android phones, Small electronic devices, etc..

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