Custom Keyboard Cable


Bulk custom keyboard cables at affordable prices directly from USB cable manufacturers. We offer a wide range of keyboard cables, including straight and coiled keyboard cables, and you can customize other personalization options such as length, color, and connectors.

Quantity Discount Per Item Price
100-200 5% $18.39
201-300 7% $18.00
301-500 8% $17.81
501-9999 10% $17.42

Fully Customizable Keyboard USB Cable

We have our own factory, which can mass produce and customize keyboard cables. You can send us detailed requirements or drawings, and we will provide you with the best connection solution.

USB Connector

You can customize the type of USB connector that plugs into the host and the device.

  1. Host Connector: USB C and USB A connector.
  2. Device Connector: USB C, Micro USB and Mini B.

You can also personalize connector colors and styles.

Paracord Sleeving

Paracord sleeve is made of soft nylon, which provides better flexibility and a tighter bend radius. We offer over 100 sleeve types in different colors to ensure they match your desktop.

Double Sleeving (Techflex)

Techflex is sleeved on top of paracord. Our high-quality braided cables with double-sleeving will be more durable and feel better than a rubber cable.

Detachable Connector

Aviator connectors will reduce wear on USB ports when switching between mechanical keyboards. We offer removable connectors in a variety of colors.


Using USB 2.0 protocol, we can make a coiled keyboard cable with a maximum length of 6 inches.

Coiled USB Cables

A well-made coil will provide some flexibility to your cable without leaving a bunch of wire that has to be tied up when not in use. We make high quality coil keyboard cables with no gaps between them, beautiful and durable.

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