Samsung 5A USB C to USB C Cable Teardown

Samsung USB cable can quickly charge Android phones. Now many charging cables have fast charging functions. ByteCable teardown a Samsung 5A USB C to C charging data cable. Let’s take a look at its information.

Samsung USB C Cable Appearance

The cable is packed in a transparent plastic bag, and there is some information about the cable on the bag.

The cable is black, and the length of the cable is about 87cm.

The jacket of the cable is made of TPE material, and the surface of the cable body is smooth and exquisite in workmanship without obvious burrs.

The diameter of the data cable is about 4mm.

The two ports of the cable are the same, the shell material is very thick, can well protect the ports, and there is a seam on the side.

Details of the USB-C interface.

The surface of the port is frosted, which can increase the friction and facilitate the plugging and unplugging of the cable.

There is a gravure “5A” on the front of the cord.

“MB10J VIETNAM” is engraved on the back of the metal shell at the data line interface.

Anti-bending design is used at the connection between the wire and the port.

Use ChargerLAB POWER-Z KM001C to test, show that the cable has E-Marker chip, power transmission capacity is 20V/5A, data transmission capacity is USB2.0.

Using a 100W charger to charge the customized 100W power bank. The charging voltage is 19V, the current is 5.0A, and the charging power reaches 95W. The test shows that the cable supports 100W charging, and the cable works normally during charging.

Samsung USB Cable Teardown

Disassemble the plastic shell of the port along the side mold line of the port, and there is a layer of metal shell protection inside.

The metal shell is encapsulated by bumps on port.

Disassemble the metal shell, the inside is a blue PCB board, and a layer of insulating tape wraps around the edge to prevent short circuits inside.

This is the back of the PCB panel.

Tear off the insulating tape, there is a layer of pink translucent glue for fixing and protecting the welding place between the core and the pcb board.

The details on the back of the PCB, four data line cores are neatly arranged and soldered, and the solder joints are high quality.

Next is the disassembly of another usb c port of the cable, which has the same package design.

This is the other PCB . The wire core welding and glue injection are the same as the other end, but there are 3 chips and a capacitor on the front of the pcb board of this port.

This is the detail of wire core welding, the solder joints are also high quality.

The E-Marker chip has the words “4TP” printed on it, and on the right are two voltage regulator tubes with “H”.

Check the cross-section of the cable, it is easy to see the diameter of the five cores, and the periphery of the cores is a metal shielding layer.

A list of the wire parts, from top to bottom are the outermost plastic sheath, metal shielding net, tin foil shielding layer, tensile fiber, four data and power cores.

A overview of the cable body, from top to bottom: outermost plastic jacket, metal shielding net, tin foil shielding layer, tensile fiber, four data and power cord cores.


The jacket of the Samsung USB C to C cable is made of TPE, the surface is smooth and free of burrs, the connection is anti-bending design, and the interface is frosted for easy plugging and unplugging. Testing by ChargerLAB POWER-Z KM001C, the power transmission capacity is 20V/5A and the data transmission capacity is USB 2.0. Charging test shows that the cable supports 100W charging.

Through disassembly, there is an E-Marker chip on the PCB at one port of the cable, and the PCB inside is protected by injection molding. The cable ends are double-encapsulated with a steel sleeve and a plastic shell. To protect the voltage regulator tube, insulation and protection measures are very sufficient.

So it is a high quality USB C to C charging data cable! More USB C to C cables, please visit: USB C to USB C Cables – ByteCable.

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