Apple Thunderbolt 3 Pro Cable Review

If you want to buy a Thunderbolt cable, you may find that the Thunderbolt 3 pro cable sold by Apple is priced at US$129. The price is really expensive. What is the difference between Apple Thunderbolt 3 pro cable and a cheap cable? Is it worth buying? Now explore the cable with ByteCable.

This is the sales page of Apple’s website. This cable is called Thunderbolt 3 Pro. The cable is 2m in length. This is a cable made of braided material. The port location has a lightning logo.

1. Thunderbolt 3 Pro Cable Appearance

Thunderbolt 3 Pro 2M

USB C Port


2. Thunderbolt 3 Pro Cable Details

The inside of the USB-C port has 12 pins on both sides, a total of 24 pins, which is a full-pin design.

Compared with other braided cables, the production process of the cable is different. It does not use direct flat arrangement and weaves, but twists the fiber filaments into one strand, and then arranges and weaves. The knitting process is more compact, and the arrangement of the strands is more compact. Such a cable design will more effectively extend the service life of the cable.

3. Thunderbolt 3 Pro Cable Size

The diameter of the cable is about 4.86mm.

The length of the Thunderbolt 3 cable is 2m.

4. E-Marker Test

Use Power-Z KM001C to test the information of the cable. The cable comes from Apple. This is an Active usb cable that supports 20V 5A 100W charging power and 40Gbps data transmission speed. The USB standard is USB3.2 Gen3.

5. Thunderbolt 3 Pro Cable Charging

Use the cable to charge the 100w power bank, the power is 20.35V 4.73A 96.44W, the Thunderbolt 3 pro cable supports 100W charging power.

6. Data Transmission


Use “Disk Speed ​​Test” to test the transmission speed. The measured write speed is 1859.6MB/s and the read speed is 2656.6MB/s, which conforms to the data transmission standard of Thunderbolt 3.

Finally, let’s look at the video output support. Connect the Thunderbolt 3 cable to the MacBook Air and Dell’s U2720QM monitor. The laptop can be successfully connected to the monitor. The current resolution is 3840×2160, 60Hz, 30-bit, and supports 4K display video output.


Apple Thunderbolt 3 Pro cable is the most expensive wire in Apple’s cable history, and it is also the first Thunderbolt 3 braided cable. Would you spend $129 to buy it?

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