What devices use USB-C?

USB-C has all the limelight in the industry, and every manufacturer is now shifting to USB C. From superior data transfer rate and fast charging speed to reversible design and thin form factor, it has all the capabilities that are making manufacturers and users to be drawn towards them.

Many devices nowadays utilize USB C as their main connector, and this convenience has made users use USB C cables for all their devices.

Using USB C in devices like smartphones, portable HDDs, and laptops have allowed manufacturers to make compact devices compact and also ensure fast data transfer, quick charge and flawless video connectivity.

What is USB-C?

USB C or commonly known as USB Type C, is the newest kind of connector type in the industry that is slowly becoming a standard connector option for many devices. The compact form factor, reversible orientation and symmetrical design have made it extremely easy to adopt, and you can use a single USB C cable to connect multiple devices.

Previous USB connectors had limited connection facilities, data transfer rate and charging speed which was limiting the capabilities of modern devices. So to meet the demand, USB Implementor’s Forum came up with this connector type that can not only handle a data speed up to 10Gbps but also immense power delivery of 100-watt.

USB-C is here to say as it is the future of connectors, and its capability to deliver 4K UHD video resolution is one of those proofs. All major tech giants are embracing USB-C in their products, and this has escalated the adoption of USB-C in various devices in the world. Slowly it is replacing popular connectors like USB B, USB Mini B and USB A, although it would take a long time to replace the widely used USB A connector.

What devices use USB-C?

Currently, there are a large number of devices that utilize USB-C ports, and it is slowly becoming a standard norm for manufacturers. It is one port for many things, and that is why modern devices are rapidly shifting to USB C as their primary connector type.

Smartphones are currently one of the biggest promoters of USB C connector type as it facilitates fast charging, quick data transfer and video streaming through one port. Most modern smartphones like Google Pixel 6, Samsung Galaxy S10, Essential PH-1, and Xiaomi 12 Pro use USB-C as their connector type.

Like smartphones, numerous tablets have also adopted USB C as their sole connection option, which includes the iPad Pro. Although other iPad models and many Android tablets are yet to adopt USB C, the increasing demand for a standard connection option and fast charging will soon make them shift to USB C connectors.

Besides portable devices, PC and laptops from different manufacturers widely use USB C ports for connecting different kinds of peripheral devices. You will see most of the modern motherboards intended for desktops are coming with at least one USB C port for connecting various devices.

Many peripherals devices like game controllers, speakers, external hard drives, webcams etc, are rapidly shifting to USB-C due to the power delivery and data transfer rate. Thanks to the incredible 10Gbps, external hard drives and flash drives are one that adopted USB-C on a large scale, and almost all brands use USB-C as the main port.

Although they are not in large numbers, numerous brands are coming up with a keyboard and mice having a USB-C port for connectivity.

Laptops have benefited the most because they are able to limit the number of different ports and maintain a slim body due to the slim form-factor of USB-C. However, not all USB-C ports in laptops are intended for all types of work as some of them are designed for only charging while others are created for both charging and data transfer.

Some modern laptop manufacturers have also discarded the Ethernet port from their devices; instead, they have included a USB-C to Ethernet adapter to support the slim design of the laptop. Nowadays, many laptops have also given up HDMI and VGA ports as users can now connect their laptops to an external display using the USB-C port.

USB C port has the capability to support video resolution up to 4K UHD, which has made it a versatile port for connecting different devices having different functions. With this port, you can even connect to a device having Thunderbolt 3, which expands the usability.

The reach of USB-C is not only limited to PC, laptops and peripheral devices, but it has also expanded to charging devices. Many new power banks, external battery packs, power adapters etc, are using USB-C ports for charging devices. Since USB-C connectors can handle a 100-watt delivery, these devices are utilizing this feature to fast charge devices.

Even top monitor brands are also integrating USB-C ports in their product so that users can connect them to laptops, hard drives and other devices. The craze for USB-C hubs and docking stations is growing gradually as laptops do not provide multiple of USB-C ports in their devices.

In the automotive industry, car manufacturers are integrating USB-C ports in their infotainment because it not only allows users to connect their phones but also charge them. Although some brands still use old USB connectors for charging purposes, soon, every brand will shift to USB-C as the primary source for USB connectivity.

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Final Thought

Whether it is a compact form, reversible orientation, massive power delivery and super fast data transfer, the USB-C port has all the attributes that cater to modern needs. Most devices that use USB connectors for connectivity are slowly shifting to USB-C.

Although USB-C ports and connectors are slightly more expensive than other USB connector types, the benefits it has on offer outweigh the pricing. USB-C is here to stay, and soon every device will start utilizing this connector type for hooking other devices.

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