What is the E-Marker Chip?

E-Marker is short for “Electronically Marked Cable”, which is a chip packaged in a USB C port. It is an electronic identity label for a USB Type C cable. Through this chip, various parameters of the cable can be got, including information such as power, data, video transmission, and ID.

Not all USB C cables are equipped with E-Marker chips, USB-IF recommends that the emaker chip is required in the following specifications:

  1. Support 5A current;
  2. Support USB3.0 or higher transmission speed;
  3. Support video output function

Although the USB Type-C cable has 2 ports, in general, USB cable manufacturer only embeds the E-Marker chip in one of ports, but some customized USB cables will be equipped with E-Marker chip on both interfaces. The advantage of two chips is that the charger has a higher success rate in reading the chip, ensuring stable high-power transmission, and better performance when the cable length is 2 meters or longer.

E-Marker Chip Manufacturer

E-Marker chips have different specifications. Some only support video output, some only support USB 3.1 Gen1, and some only support 5A current transfer, such E-Marker chips that only support one function are common chips. Full-featured E-Marker chips have higher integration and are more expensive. The following are some advanced E-Marker chip manufacturers, you can customize USB C cables with E-Marker according to different needs from ByteCable.


Hynetek is located in Shenzhen, China. Hynetek is committed to creating an overall solution for the USB Type-C and PD ecological chain. It has developed more than ten high-performance USB eMarker chips, PD source chips, PD sink chips, load switch chips and other products. These products have successfully achieved mass production,and they are widely used in charging adapters, high-quality cables and various mobile devices.


ConvenientPower is a well-known semiconductor manufacturer in China, which is a company in providing a complete transition from IC to system solutions for customers who are looking for turnkey solutions.

VIA Technologies

VIA Technologies Inc. is a Taiwanese manufacturer of integrated circuits, mainly motherboard chipsets, CPUs, and memory. It was the world’s largest independent manufacturer of motherboard chipsets. As a fabless semiconductor company, VIA conducts research and development of its chipsets in-house, then subcontracts the actual (silicon) manufacturing to third-party merchant foundries, such as TSMC.

How to identify USB-C E-marker cable?

You can’t tell the function of a USB Type-C cable by its appearance, and many sellers sell products that lack the parameter information of the cable. How can you quickly identify whether a cable with an E-Marker chip without teardown it?

POWER-Z can test USB Type-C cables.

E-Marker chip is only one of the elements that determine the function and performance of USB Type-C cable. To support higher transmission speeds and video output capabilities, it is necessary to match better cable internal materials.

USB-C E-marker cable Wholesale

PD 100W – 5A Braided USB C to USB C Cable (100/200cm)

USB 3.0 Cables USB C to USB A Cable

USB 3.0 Cables USB C to USB A Cable (100cm)

USB 3.1 USB Type C Charging&Data Cable

USB 3.1 USB Type C Charging&Data Cable (100/200cm)

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