What Is USB C To Lightning Cable?

USB-C to lightning cable is the new generation cable option utilized by Apple users to charge or connect their Apple devices. Whether it is iPhone, AirPods, iPad, or Siri Remote, you can utilize the USB C to lightning cable to both charge and transfer data. Although it performs a similar function as USB A to lightning cable, it is quite better in terms of data transfer speed, charging speed, and ease of usage.

So if you are eager to shift from USB C to lightning cable but are contemplating whether it will be useful for you, let’s check out this article. Here we will discuss USB C to lightning cable, what you can do with it and how it is better than the traditional choice.

USB C To Lightning Cable

USB C to lightning is like any other lightning cable utilized by Apple users to charge their devices and also transfer data from them to Mac or PC. iPhone, iPad, iPad touch, AirPods, etc are the devices with which you can utilize the cable. One end of the cable carries a USB-C connector, while the lightning connector is located on the other end.

The lightning connector gets a silvery white pins design, while the USB C connector has a reversible connector design. If you can couple it with Apple USB-C power adapters like 30W or 96W, then you can take advantage of the fast charging feature and charge your device completely within an hour.

With other cables, you won’t be able to achieve fast charging because they have limitations in power delivery. Besides fast charging, you will also be treated with a high data transfer speed which is around 480 Mbps, and it can help you transfer large files to and from your Apple device with ease.

The standard Apple USB C to lightning cable you will find in the market has a length of 1 meters as it caters to general needs and also ensures optimum transfer speed. However, there are some third-party sellers who also manufacture USB C to lightning cables, and some of them even offer a cable length of around 3m.

The quality of the cable will never be your concern as the outer area is integrated with a special casing so that it is not prone to any kind of damage or wear and tear. Since all the cables are MFI certified, they are not only manufactured using premium materials, but they also pass through various quality tests to reduce failure.

Things You Can Do With A USB C to Lightning Cable

There are a lot of things that you can do with a simple USB to lightning cable when you are utilizing different types of Apple devices. Let’s check out what you can do;

  1. You can charge different types of Apple devices when it is connected to a USB C port. The devices include the likes of Airpods, iPhone, and iPad.
  2. The latest iPhone models are compatible with a fast charging facility when you connect it to USB-C power adapters through USB C to the lightning cable. You can utilize 25-watt, 30-watt, 61-watt, 87-watt, or 96-watt USB C power adapter to charge the iPhone you own.
  3. You can utilize the USB C to lightning cable to sync your Apple device and transfer photos and files at high speed.
  4. You can connect your iPhone or iPad to MAC or any other device and then use your iPhone or iPad as a Hotspot for sharing the internet.
  5. You can even utilize the USB C to lightning cable to charge different types of Apple accessories. These accessories are the Magic trackpad, Magic mouse, and Magic keyboard.
  6. Siri Remote can be charged through a USB C to lightning cable but only when it is connected to a USB C power adapter or Mac.

USB C To Lightning Cable or USB A To Lightning Cable

If you are still wondering whether you should stick to the old USB A to lightning cable or shift to USB C to lightning cable, then here is the comparison you should check out. We have compared these two cables on three factors so that you have a detailed idea of which one to choose;

Charging Capability

Charging capability is the major difference between USB to lightning cable and USB C to lightning cable. The former has a maximum power of 5-watt (with 5/1A charger) while the latter has a minimum of 18-watt.

Even though USB A charger can offer a power delivery of up to 12-watt, most USB A charging adapters offered by Apple have a maximum of 5-watt. However, when you use a USB C to lightning cable with a USB C adapter for charging at a minimum of 18-watt, thus ensuring fast charging.

Moreover, you can opt for better fast-charging USB-C power adapters, like 20-watt or 30-watt, that are available at Apple stores.

User Convenience

When it comes to user convenience, USB C to lightning cable will be the apparent choice USB C comes with a reversible connector design. You can easily connect to the adapter with ease.

However, you can’t say the same thing for USB A to lightning cable because it gets USB A at one end, which is a non-reversible connector. According to many surveys, users have stated that USB A has always been slightly tricky to insert into the respective USB port.

Data Transfer Rate

Technically, USB C is capable of transferring data at around 40 Gbps, and it is much better than a USB A connector.

But the other end of the cable has a lightning connector that can achieve a maximum data transfer speed of up to 480 Mbps. So it has a similar speed to the USB A to lightning cable; thus, there is almost no difference in speed when you connect via lighting cable.

Final Verdict

USB C to lightning cable is currently becoming a favorite choice for many Apple users as it has a lot to offer. Modern iPhones, iPad, AirPods, etc are becoming compatible with fast charging through the USB C adapter, so it is becoming an obvious choice for everyone to use this cable.

Importantly, the cable is convenient to use and comes with a different Apple power adapter option to utilize fast charging capability. You should remember not all Apple devices support fast charging power adapters, especially if you are using old Apple devices like iPad 5th gen or iPhone 7P.

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