Where To Buy iPhone Charger?

When it comes to buying your iPhone charger, you can’t randomly pick the charger from any place. Not every e-commerce store will give you an authentic or MFI-certified iPhone charger and will try to dupe you with poor-quality products.

There are many buyers who are not well-aware of the technicalities of authentic chargers, and they often get lured by the aggressive pricing many of the non-reputed online stores offer.

However, not all non-reputed sites sell knockoff or poor-quality iPhone chargers, but the total number of such stores is quite huge. But when you buy a charger from a reputed store or a reputed seller, you can stay assured that you are getting an authentic product having warranty coverage. Bytecable is a manufacturer of MFI certified iPhone chargers, We wholesale high quality iPhone chargers that can charge your mobile phone safely and quickly. And we sell a full range of iPhone charger accessories: Lightning cable, USB charger adapter and wireless charger.

People often wonder where to buy iPhone charger when they decide to purchase one. So today, we will discuss the stores from where you can buy a genuine and quality iPhone charger.

Places Where You Can Buy An iPhone Charger

When you are buying a smartphone like the iPhone, you surely wouldn’t like to compromise on the charger you are buying. An original iPhone charger will not only help you to charge your phone quickly but will also help you to do it safely. Here are some best places where you can buy your iPhone charger;


– The Apple e-commerce site is their exclusive online store that sells all the iPhone chargers you need to charge your phone. The best thing is that they sell different iPhone chargers that will be fully compatible with your iPhone model.

Since it is Apple’s own online store, you won’t have to worry about authenticity, and you will also get warranty coverage. However, you won’t get discounts at Apple Store like you to get in other e-commerce stores.


After Apple’s online store, Amazon serves as the best option when it comes to buying authentic iPhone chargers. Not only will you get Apple’s original iPhone charger, but you will also get various other third-party manufacturers. All these third-party cables made by Takagi, Belkin, Anker, Amazon Basics, etc, are MFI certified, so you won’t have to worry about performance and compatibility.

Since these chargers are authorized by Apple itself, authenticity won’t be a problem. Moreover, occasionally, Amazon sells these cables at an unbelievably discounted rate.


Walmart is one the largest e-commerce sites in the world, and here you will come across reputed sellers selling iPhone chargers. Like Amazon, Walmart also sells iPhone chargers from different brands, and all of them come with the required certification.

Most of the sellers selling chargers through the online store are highly reputed, meaning you will get an original iPhone charger. The pricing varies from time to time as Walmart often comes with many promotional discounts.

Best Buy

Another potential online e-commerce store where you can buy your iPhone charger without any worry is Best Buy. This online store is well-known for selling authentic products, so you can stay assured that you will get an MFI-certified product.

On various occasions, you will also get significant discounts on Apple chargers, but you won’t have to worry about authenticity.


Target is a new-age top-tier e-commerce site that sells both Apple’s exclusive and third-party MFI-certified iPhone chargers. On this site, you will get all types of Apple iPhone chargers and all the items entirely original.

The online store also ensures you get full warranty coverage when you buy an iPhone charger from them. However, like Amazon or Walmart, they don’t provide occasional discounts for all iPhone chargers. Rather they provide discounts on certain iPhone chargers that are not in demand in the market.

Belkin and Anker are better options when you decide to buy an iPhone charger from third-party brands. All the iPhone chargers come with respective warranty coverage and original packaging. However, like other online stores, it hardly offers any discounts on any chargers, and the prices remain the same throughout the year.

Besides these sites, there are also some sites that also serve as great places to buy an iPhone charger. However, the site we have mentioned is the best choice because you will get an original iPhone charger at a discounted rate.

The latest Charging Option You Will Get For iPhone Charging.

If you are currently looking for an iPhone charger, there are a lot of options you will come across. These options are;

Apple 20-watt USB-C Power Adapter

Currently, this is the standard charging option opted for by most users for charging their iPhones. If you have the latest iPhone models, then you can utilize a fast charging facility.

Apple 30-watt USB-C Power Adapter

This iPhone charger is dedicated to users who are using iPhone 13 and above. It comes at a higher price point than standard chargers but charges the phone at a faster speed.

Apple 35-Watt Dual USB-C Power Adapter

This is a new generation iPhone charger that was launched recently by Apple. What makes this different is the option to charge two iPhones at once and that too without compromising charging time.

Apple MagSafe Charger

If you are using iPhone 12 or any higher version, then you can utilize the MagSafe charger to wirelessly charge your phone. You just have to tap your phone on the charger; it will charge the phone at a high rate.

Belkin Dual USB-C 40-W Charger

It is another powerful charging option that helps you to charge two iPhones at once. The dual port option offers a 20-watt charging capability at each port, thus allowing you to charge iPhones at a faster rate.

Bottom Line

When a user buys a new iPhone, the primary question that revolves in their mind is, “where to buy iPhone charger.” We are hopeful that this article will help you out if you also have the same query in your mind. We have highlighted all the major places where you can get authentic iPhone chargers and also enjoy some discounts.

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